Industrial Internet of Things Analytics Framework

We are pleased to announce the Industrial Internet of Things Analytics Framework (Industrial IoT Analytics Framework) for system architects, technology leaders and business leaders looking to successfully deploy industrial analytics systems.

Advanced analytics is at the core of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). When analytics are applied to machine and process data, they help optimize decision-making and enable intelligent operations. These new insights and intelligence can be applied across any level of any industry if the appropriate data can be collected and analytics are applied correctly. If data is the new oil, data analytics is the new engine that propels the IIoT transformation.

Leading the way

Enterprises using analytics produce products and services much more quickly and safely and maintain quality with full accountability for their processes much faster than their competitors (2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index report by Deloitte & Touche). The Industrial Internet Consortium is leading the way in offering industrial analytics guidance in evolving fields such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The Industrial IoT Analytics Framework is the first document to offer the broadest scope of requirements and concerns for analytics for IIoT systems.

The Industrial IoT Analytics Framework is a work product of the Industrial Internet Consortium Industrial Analytics Task Group, co-chaired by K. Eric Harper (ABB), Wael William Diab (Huawei) and William Sobel (System Insights). Portions of this technical report are contributed from an IIC white paper: Industrial Analytics – The Engine Driving the IIoT Revolution (2017). Industrial Analytics Task Group participants represent a broad spectrum of the Industrial Internet Consortium membership and include systems and software architects, data analytics specialists, business experts, security experts and participants from many of the other Industrial Internet Consortium working and task groups.


The following persons (in alphabetical order) have authored the content in this document:

  • Nina Anderson – AMT
  • Wael William Diab – Huawei Technologies*
  • Terry French – Denso Corporation
  • K. Eric Harper – ABB*
  • Shi-Wan Lin – Thingswise, LLC*
  • Dinesh Nair – National Instruments*
  • William Sobel – System Insights*

* Authored the original white paper and/or contributed substantive material to this framework


The following individuals have edited this document:

  • Wael William Diab – Huawei Technologies
  • K. Eric Harper – ABB
  • Shi-Wan Lin – Thingswise, LLC
  • Stephen Mellor – IIC

In addition, the following members have contributed valuable ideas and feedback that significantly improved the content and quality of the Industrial IoT Analytics Framework:

  • Chanchal Chatterjee – Dell EMC
  • Liang Guang – Huawei Technologies
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