Member Meetings


All Industrial Internet Consortium members are cordially invited to our quarterly face-to-face meetings held around the world. As private, members-only events, our quarterly meetings offer a unique opportunity to engage, learn, collaborate and network with members across all industries. These face-to-face meetings reinforce the collaboration fostered throughout the year via virtual meetings, document authoring/editing and information sharing. Free meeting passes are allocated to each member organization, based upon their membership level and leadership roles. We look forward to seeing our members at one or many of the meetings located around the globe in 2018:

November 2019 - Sydney, Australia

18-21 NOVEMBER 2019 – Sydney, Australia

Members, join us in November 2019 for our Q4 Member Meeting in Sydney, Australia. IIC Members may find details and links to registration here.



9-12 MARCH 2020 – GREECE

9-12 March 2020 – Athens, Greece

Members join us in March 2020 for our Q1 meeting in Athens. More information to come.




15-18 June 2020 – Boston, MA, USA

Members join us in March 2020 for our Q2 meeting in Boston. More information to come.



29 September - October 2 2020 – Tokyo, Japan

29 September - 2 October 2020 – Tokyo, Japan

Members join us in September 2020 for our Q3 meeting in Tokyo. More information to come.



7-10 December 2020 – Austin, Texas, USA

7-10 December 2020 – Austin, Texas, USA

Members join us in December 2020 for our Q4 meeting in Austin. More information to come.