Open Edge Symposium 2019


WHEN:December 11-12, 2019
WHERE:Long Beach Convention Center
Long Beach, California, USA

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Exploring Intelligent Edge-Fog Solutions for the IIoT

Produced by the Industrial Internet Consortium, Open Edge Symposium™ (formerly Fog World Congress) brings together industry, academia and research to advance the potential of intelligent edge and fog solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things.


Open Edge Symposium was conceived to help you think smart and keep pace with the rapid developments at the intelligent edge – the beating heart of the industrial internet.

This two-day conference will explore this new computing paradigm by fostering discussion of key issues such as open architectures, interoperability, cost-efficiency ratios, business outcomes and use cases.

With this Symposium, the Industrial Internet Consortium is providing a forum where you can take advantage of the opportunity by learning from – and collaborating with – the best minds in intelligent edge.

  • Think Smart – Open Edge Symposium program focuses on the hottest industry applications and business models in emergent areas of IIoT. That means we’re putting smart industries in the spotlight: smart factories, smart cities, smart energy, smart buildings, smart engineering, intelligent transport systems and autonomous vehicles.
  • Keep Pace - The intelligent edge has emerged as a focal point for industrial application development. In fact, the next decade promises a tidal wave of intelligent edge technologies. Supporting the wide range of emerging systems and applications – not just IIoT, but 5G mobile systems, big data, edge analytics and embedded AI/ML – requires a new computing and networking paradigm.

The Intelligent Edge

The common technology denominator that enables the advancement of these industries is an exponential increase in intelligence at the edge. At Open Edge Symposium, you will explore this new ecosystem.

The intelligent edge distributes computing, storage, control, and networking services closer to the end users where the services can flexibly meet the demands of emerging application requirements. This addresses many challenges that cloud alone cannot effectively resolve, such as enabling real-time edge data analytics; supporting time-critical local control; improving trustworthiness of IoT applications; connecting and protecting the vast number and many types of resource-constrained devices; and overcoming network bandwidth and availability constraints.


  • Advances in Innovation Track. This track will explore and expound the research and standardization activities and opportunities on intelligent edge within industrial processes for IoT, AI/ML and connectivity.  
  • Technical Track. This track will delve into questions around the impact of technology on edge computing.  
  • Business Outcomes Track. This track will focus on real-world use cases that have delivered a business impact to a company/industry. Sessions in this track will showcase how these organizations are leveraging the intelligent edge to their competitive advantage.


At Open Edge Symposium, the Industrial Internet Consortium brings together industry leaders, technologists and researchers from around the world to discuss, explore and share intelligent edge computing insights, research, applications and projections. Register today to explore these emerging intelligent edge computing technologies:

  • Global IoT, 5G, AI/ML Trends
  • IIoT Futures – Autonomous Cars, Aerial Drones
  • Smart Industry Use Cases
  • Intelligent Edge & Blockchain
  • Security & Privacy
  • Intelligent Edge, Fog & Cloud
  • Open Standards & Interoperability
  • Intelligent Edge In AI/ML
  • Intelligent Edge In Industrial IOT
  • Intelligent Edge In 5G
  • Distributed Systems
  • Network Management Testbeds