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Bosch, RTI, Huawei and Dell EMC Confirmed as New IIC Leadership

International team comprised of leaders from industry, IT, OT and telecom

NEEDHAM, MA – MARCH 13, 2018 The Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC™), the world’s leading organization transforming business and society by accelerating the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), announced the results of its Steering Committee officer election. The new IIC Steering Committee leadership team combines industrial giants from Europe, North America, and Asia with a fast-growing Silicon Valley company. It includes leaders in industry, IT, OT, and telecom. 

“The makeup of this leadership team reflects the global business reach, technical breadth, and embrace of new approaches by the IIC. The IIC is the largest Industrial IoT consortium, and the only one that is truly international in scope and execution,” said IIC Executive Director Dr. Richard Soley.

The new Steering Committee leadership team is:

  • Chair: Dirk Slama, Vice President of Business Development, Bosch Software Innovations
  • Vice Chair: Stan Schneider, CEO of Real-Time Innovations (RTI)
  • Secretary: Wael William Diab, Senior Director, Huawei Technologies
  • Testbed Subcommittee Chair: Dr. Said Tabet, Technology Lead, IoT and AI Strategy, Dell EMC


“We’ve achieved a tremendous amount of momentum through the dedicated work of IIC member organizations who are committed to the success of the IIoT ecosystem,” said Dirk Slama, Chair of the IIC Steering Committee and Vice President of Business Development, Bosch Software Innovations. “The IIC continues to be the leading member-driven organization to accelerate the adoption of the IIoT and I’m excited to lead our Steering Committee for the next two years.”

“This unique team reflects the unique position of the IIC.  We are poised to realize the huge potential of the IIoT,” said Stan Schneider, Vice Chair of the IIC Steering Committee and CEO of RTI. “I’m honored by the support of the Steering Committee and the opportunity to help lead the industry’s most important consortium.”

“IIC has cultivated a unique ecosystem that brings together IT and OT stakeholders to accelerate adoption of the industrial internet,” said Wael William Diab, Secretary of the IIC Steering Committee and Senior Director, Huawei Technologies. “I am honored to have been elected and look forward to working with IIC members, partners and my colleagues on the Steering Committee.”

“I am honored and delighted to join the IIC leadership to continue to build on the success of IIC and help shape the industry’s future,” said Dr. Said Tabet, IIC Testbed Subcommittee Chair and Technology Lead, IoT and AI Strategy, Dell EMC. “I am looking forward to working closely with all of our members and to delivering on the industrial internet potential.”  

Success in the IIoT requires an ecosystem of partners who can provide broad expertise. Since it was founded in 2014, the IIC has grown to more than 250 member-companies in 31 countries and has established 36 liaison relationships. IIC foundational documents have become de facto industry guidelines for companies investing in the IIoT. IIC testbeds, where new technologies, applications, products, services, and processes can be initiated and rigorously tested before coming to market, are delivering results.  

The Steering Committee member organizations now include representatives from ABB, Bosch, Dell EMC, Fujitsu, GE, Huawei, IBM, MITRE, Real-Time Innovations (RTI) and SAP as well as IIC Executive Director Dr. Richard Soley.

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