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Industrial Internet Consortium Appoints Howard Kradjel Vice President, Industry Programs

Enhances offerings to help industry end users accelerate gains from IIoT

NEEDHAM, MA - July 9, 2019 - The Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC™) today announced the appointment of Howard Kradjel to be Vice President, Industry Programs. Mr. Kradjel will lead efforts to engage industry-user communities in the IIC so they may apply IIC members’ experience in their industry and so accelerate the adoption of the industrial internet. In addition to launching new initiatives that help end users, he will oversee the existing IIC Testbed Program and serve as chair of the Testbed Working Group.

“We often hear from end users who are struggling to apply the right IIoT solutions to solve their business problems,” said IIC CTO Stephen Mellor. “Coming from industry, Howard will help us build more programs to help end users so I’m thrilled to name him to this new role.”

In the past, Mr. Kradjel has focused on systems and solutions engineering, product planning, management and solution sales support. He is eager to apply his experience to develop new IIoT solutions and technology and expand the IIoT marketplace.

Testbeds are a key activity of the IIC and its members and have been since the IIC was founded in 2014. Testbeds are where new technologies, applications, products, services and processes - the innovation and opportunities of the industrial internet - can be initiated, thought through and rigorously tested to ascertain their usefulness and viability before going to market.

IIC has also been running an End User Leadership Council to provide a forum for senior executives who are end-users of IIoT technology to discuss industry challenges and solutions with their peers. Founding Members include experts from major manufacturers in transportation, consumer products, agriculture, aeronautics and factory automation solutions. IIC will be launching more end-user-focused programs later this year.

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