Project Explorer Quickstart Guide

Using The Project Explorer

The Project Explorer guides you through a set of questions to help you analyze your own project. The results will help you better understand the requirements and risks of your project. It will also provide you with actionable guidance by referring you to different areas in the IIC Resource Hub which are of direct relevance to your project.

Brief notes as you begin the Project Explorer:

When you navigate to the “Create New Project” step of the Project Explorer, you may name a new project and start from scratch or opt to load a sample project to see how one realistic example company navigated the Project Explorer through the series of questions. One recommended approach is to load the sample project, follow the path to become familiar with the questions and, once finished with the sample, start over with your own new project.

We are happy to connect you with an IIC expert if you are not already a member or customer.

Just prior to the first official question of the assessment, you will be introduced to the Solution Canvas. The Solution Canvas is used to guide you through the questions. It is a high-level abstraction of a typical IIoT project, and will help you to better put the questions and answers into context:

Project Explorer

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