Quotes from Press Release: "Industrial Internet Consortium Has Over 50 Members Two Months After Launch"

Below you'll find a list of quotes from members and liaison organizations -- in alphabetical order -- on their participation in the Industrial Internet Consortium:

"The IIC has a pioneering spirit and we are eager to begin participating in the effort to help attain its noble goals," said Francis Clanfrocca, Founder & CEO of Bayshore Networks. "We are thrilled to be joining the IIC at a point in time where the world is turning it's attention to the Industrial Internet as a precursor to the technologies that will comprise the Internet of Everything in the very near future." 

"BlackBerry is pleased to become an active member in the IIC, contributing to a standards-based approach that encourages broader adoption of IoT by making the technologies accessible to organizations across markets," said Alec Saunders, vice president of the cloud business as QNX Software Systems Limited, a BlackBerry Limited subsidiary. "Our recently announced Project Ion will create simple, scalable and secure IoT solutions to help businesses remain innovative, drive operational efficiencies and transform their customer relationships. We look forward to contributing insights from Project Ion along with our long legacy of leadership in security to the IIC and the Testbed Working Committee to overcome technology fragmentation and other challenges to widespread IoT adoption." 

"We are delighted to be part of the Industrial Internet Consortium which is designed to accelerate growth of the Industrial Internet," says Matthew Jennings, Managing Director at Bosch Software Innovations in the Americas. "With Bosch's expertise in the manufacturing industry and our advanced software capabilities, we will provide thought leadership on business outcomes and collaborate with committees to transform connected business models." 

"As an academic researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, an inventor-entrepreneur, and a consultant to fellow entrepreneurs, I am extremely excited and humbled to participate in a Coalition that is seeking to collaboratively bring about the next revolution in human history. Although achieving our goals could take decades, I hope to one day look back at these early years with the Coalition as where the future was made," said Dan Hussain.

"Datawatch brings unique insight on how to handle the massive analytic challenges, through the use of visual data discovery, from the explosion of real-time data from interconnected machines, sensors and people," said Dan Potter, vice president, product marketing for Datawatch. "We are honored to participate in influencing the development of global standards and technologies for next-generation internet and industrial systems."

"Elecys provides M2M solutions that connect industry with the world and the Internet of Things. Tens of thousands of rugged Elecsys field devices are deployed in remote industrial environments in the oil and gas, utility, electric power, agriculture, railroad transportation, and other industrial market sectors around the world. We believe the Industrial Internet Consortium is an ideal forum for Elecsys to share our knowledge and experience deploying rugged industrial devices based on the MQTT communication protocol while simultaneously learning from other M2M technology leaders as industry seeks to expand and standardize the Industrial Internet of Things," said Karl Gemperli, CEO of Elecsys Corporation

"The ENT Foundation shares the IIC's vision for creating a foundation of interoperability and security that will unleash the full potential of connected data in industry," said Michael Mossbarger, Executive Director of ENT Foundation. "We believe it is vital to secure this new generation of devices from the ground up without creating new silos or inhibiting rapid development, and ensuring the forward compatibility this new sector requires. The ENT Foundation is committed to helping IIC members increase ROI, customer satisfaction, business efficiencies, and system-wide security by applying ENT's innovative, versatile and lean crypto-contract technology in their diverse domains - embedded, consumer, industrial, enterprise, and more."

"In order to move the Internet of Things forward, it's important to work together to define standards so that everyone can speak the same language. We look forward to being part of the conversation," said Adam Justice, VP of Grid Connect.

"We believe that the partnership between GS1 and IIC is crucial to the future of interoperability in the digital space, especially in a business environment where unique identification and data play an ever-growing role. GS1 will complement the work of the IIC through its long history of development and deployment of global standards including RFID, and real-time, end-to-end visibility of things across the Internet," says Steve Bratt, Chief Technology Officer at GS1

"Intel-GE Care Innovations shares a common mission with the IIC of driving down healthcare costs and providing patients with targeted, quality care," says Karissa Price, Chief Marketing Officer of Intel-GE Care Innovations. "We are excited to join a group with like-minded companies. Care Innovations is a pioneer in remote care management and smart sensor analytics, and we have helped create positive change and new, effective approaches that connect consumers to the healthcare continuum in ways that can help them live healthier lives at home. We look forward to joining the conversation with the IIC consortium." 

"The IIC is playing an important role in the development of processes and frameworks that will significantly influence how enterprises deploy real-world solutions in the emerging Industrial Internet market. MachineShop is excited to participate with other industry leaders to move the Industrial Internet from a high-level concept to actionable services which will help companies leverage information from a variety of sources to drive business understanding and growth," said Greg Jones, Chief Technology Officer, MachineShop.

"MDSL helps multi-national companies manage and optimize their technology expenses," said Ben Mendoza, CEO of MDSL. "We joined the IIC to help establish standards in inventory management and system telemetry that will allow firms to measure the cost effectiveness and financial business impact of their IoT initiatives over time."

"The Industrial Internet is essential to the safety, security and prosperity of our nation and the world," said Mark Maybury, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, MITRE. "As a company chartered to work soley in the public interest, MITRE welcomes the opportunity to join this consortium and be a part of its activities to strengthen and advance efforts in support of this critically important area."

"We are proud that Mobily is among the first worldwide Telecom and ICT providers joining this visionary group," said Engineer Khalid bin Omar Al kaf MD and CEO of Mobily. "As the leading ICT company and the first provider of Mobile Internet of Things and M2M services in KSA, we look forward to contributing to the development of the architectural framework that will help shape and grow the Industrial Internet and drive early implementations and market adoption of such solutions in a range of vertical markets such as Oil & Gas, automotive, healthcare, transportation, utilities and smart cities," added Ibrahim Abdurahman AlOmar, chief product & business development officer, Mobily. 

"Collaboration is the key to unleashing the power of the Industrial Internet. The II Consortium sets the direction and provides the forum for industry leaders to collaborate. At Moxa, we are delighted to join the Consortium and look forward to partnering with the founders AT&T, GE, Cisco, IBM, Intel, and all IIC members," said John Yelland, Vice President Moxa Global Marketing and Industrial Internet Strategy.

"Parker Hannifin is excited to become a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium. As a market leader in motion and control technologies and systems we have embraced the Internet of Things as a methodology of providing more efficient solutions to our customers. Parker envisions working with the Industrial Internet Consortium as an important way of fostering interoperability which is a critical component to the ability to deploy more intelligent system architectures," said Craig Maxwell, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Parker Hannifin.

"The right mission. The right people. The right time. The Industrial Internet Consortium is perfectly poised to make a difference at a time when catalyzing priorities and technologies are essential in advancing the next era of device intelligence," said Gene Wang, CEO, People Power. "We at People Power are thrilled to be a part of this remarkable association of thought leaders. That's because it's clear the IIC helps facilitate a new level of industry conversation aiming at remarkable outcomes. Thank you, IIC!"

"Harnassing the power of integrating physical and digital technologies is central to Pitney Bowes' strategy. Today's transformative technologies enable us to drive valuable business outcomes for our clients by coupling our hardware and software products with information and services," said Roger Pilc, Chief Innovation Officer at Pitney Bowes. "We are working wtih many members of the IIC in areas such as API management, cloud and mobile-based services, customer communications, Big Data, and global networking of our hardware devices at client sites. We have tremendous opportunities for further innovation." 

"We are proud to be the first non-founder industry member of the IIC," said Steve Jennis, SVP of Corporate Development at PrismTech added, "We believe our Vortex intelligent data-sharing platform provides a unique and key enabling technology for business-critical Industrial Internet systems, and the work of the IIC will just help us further develop and further differentiate Vortex. As such, we look forward to working with the other IIC members to help deliver the huge economic potential of the Industrial Internet."

"Purfresh is enthusiastic about our membership in the Industrial Internet Consortium," said Brian Westcott, President and CEO, Purfresh. "The consortium allows for a broad sharing of ideas across industries and will leverage the work done by all the member companies. This collaborative environment will allow rapid dissemination of knowledge and increased productivity that we will all benefit from over the next decade."

"Applications as diverse as medical systems, power generation, air traffic control, and smart cars have similar connectivity challenges," said Stan Schneider, CEO of Real-Time Innovations (RTI). "The IIC is taking on that challenge. Its goal is to build a common architecture that connects devices, machines, people, and processes in many industries. As the leading vendor of the OMG's DDS protocol standard, RTI understands the importance of critical system-wide communications standards. The IIC's work will clarify the technologies needed to drive the Industrial Internet."

"We are excited to be working with the Industrial Internet Consortium," said Patrick Gannon, President and Executive Director of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel. "The IIC has identified the need to build on use cases for interoperability within the experience in developing requirements and use cases for interoperability within the electric utility and energy sectors. By implementing use cases and collaborating with IIC members, SGIP looks forward to accelerating the growth of the Industrial Internet in the energy sector. 

"SpaceCurve was purpose-built to meet the challenges of the Industrial Internet, to fuse machine-scale data with historical data and gain immediately actionable intelligence. Data standardization is one of the core goals of the Industrial Internet Consortium's mission and is absolutely critical to realizing the greatest insights from the wide range of Industrial Internet data sources. The OMG was a pioneer in establishing object technology standards in the '90s and is uniquely qualified to be the IIC's champion, drive standards and ensure success," said Andrew Rogers, founder and CEO of SpaceCurve.

"As things like machines and cars get connected to the Internet, risk for cyberattacks grows," said Roxane Divol, SVP, Alliances, at Symantec. Shankar Somasundaram, Director, Internet of Things, at Symantec added, "We are thrilled to be the first security company to join the Industrial Internet Consortium efforts and look forward to creating a robust security and management framework that can accelerate the growth of the Industrial Internet." 

"This is an exciting time - when early successes in industrial connectivity are evolving into best practices and standards that will have a long-term impact on society. Synapse Wireless looks forward to contributing what we've learned in this space over the past decade to the thought leadership and knowledge exchange facilitated by the IIC," said Chad Markle, President, Synapse Wireless.

"Our connectivity products enable the Internet of Things vision to be realized in just about every industry and application," said Rob Shaddock, executive vice president and chief technology officer at TE Connectivity. "TE Connectivity's connectors, sensors and antennas enable automobiles, factories, devices, buildings and many other physical objects to communicate faster and more reliably, increasing the pace of innovation. Harnessing the talents and resources of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) is an important strategic step for us. With the IIC members, we look forward to greater collaboration and information sharing to define the future of the Industrial Internet together."

"It is increasingly clear that a new generation of business platforms are emerging from the convergence of big data, machine learning, the Internet of Things and cloud computing. The Open Group and its Open Platform 3.0™ Forum look forward to working with the Industrial Internet Consortium to help define the requirements and shape the standards of such a critical area as the Industrial Internet," said Dave Lounsbury, CTO, The Open Group

"As the number of things connected to the Internet exceeds the number of humans on the planet, the demand for applications that can leverage this connectivity is increasing at an unimaginable pace," said Rick Bullotta, chief technology officer, ThingWorx. "IIC gives us the opportunity to collaborate with other leading technology companies to eliminate the 'friction' that has impacted companies wanting to connect the physical world to the people and systems. We look forward to being an active participant of the IIC in order to help others capitalize on the market opportunity, leverage our teams' deep expertise, and enable a new era of innovation in connected products."

"As a worldwide leader in industrial and electronic technology, Toshiba recognizes the need for open interoperability standards to promote the Internet of Things (IoT). By working with the IIC, Toshiba's goal is to achieve a common platform for the Internet of Things that offers increased efficiencies and better customer value enabling Toshiba IoT technology to be deployed to the world at large," said George Bouchaya, vice president and chief technology officer, ISSPI at Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc.

"Toyota is excited to join other leading innovators as a member of the new Industrial Internet Consortium," said Ned Curic, chief technology officer for Toyota. "As our cars are becoming increasingly connected, we welcome the opportunity to begin this collaboration with others in the emerging Internet of Things ecosystem. The development of best practices and standards in this area, particularly as it relates to the exchange of data securely, is key to bringing about the transformational benefits of the Industrial Internet."

"We are excited to be an early member of this visionary group," said George Oliver, Tyco's Chief Executive Officer. "As the leader in the fire protection and security industry, and with technologies and insights that apply well beyond that space, we look forward to contributing to the development of the architectural framework that will help shape and grow the Industrial Internet and drive more comprehensive, integrated solutions for customers."

"We are entering a new era of productivity," said Guilherme Spina, Managing Director, V2COM. "The 21st century is forcing individuals and organizations to better manage all available resources. But management requires data. And data is being produced in exponential quantity. The Connected Era will turn these data into actionable information. The technology is ready and the IIC is the right forum to speed up the benefits this revolution will bring to society."

"Vanderbilt University is proud to be at the forefront of the Industrial Internet revolution that has already begun to connect the cyber and physical worlds," said Janos Sztipanovits, E. Bronson Ingram Distinguished Professor of Engineering and Director of the Institute for Software Integrated Systems (ISIS), Vanderbilt University. "We look forward to working with the other members of the IIC to accelerate the growth of the Industrial Internet by establishing new foundations, common frameworks and standards."

"We at Water & Process Group believe that communication is needed between not only people, but machines," said Hualong Wang, Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Water and Process Group (WPG). "For many years, WPG has been working to provide the densely populated cities of China with safe and healthy water systems. By joining the Industrial Internet Consortium, WPG can collaborate with other IIC members so that we may achieve this goal."

"Through work with some of Europe's largest companies over the last ten years, I've seen firsthand the cost and complexity of large-scale deployments," said Adi Reschenhofer, CEO of Wyconn. "This is what's led us to launch Wyconn and take a radically simpler approach to hardware and software design, one that dramatically lowers the cost and time required for these large deployments. It's also what has led us to join with AT&T, Cisco, GE, IBM, Intel, and the other members of the Industrial Internet Consortium in helping companies around the world realize the promise of the Industrial Internet."