Resource Hub FAQ

The IIC Resource Hub is a new interface to the IIoT industry knowledge and expertise developed collaboratively by the Industrial Internet Consortium. This knowledge and expertise is represented in our foundational documents, testbed insights, toolkits, demos and relationships with standards and industry groups around the world. In October, we will launch a new interface to that library of knowledge and a web-based tool guiding users through the analysis and planning of their own IIoT project, referencing IIC resources and providing actionable intelligence.

The Resource Hub accelerates the business and societal benefits of the IIoT by reconfiguring and delivering current resources more logically and intuitively than reading a large reference manual. It delivers essential industry resources intuitively and brings the essential knowledge found within our foundational documents and testbeds to the user navigating the Resource Hub.

The first web-based tool available in October, the Project Explorer, guides users through a set of questions to analyze their own IIoT project. The results help users understand the requirements and risks of their project. Powerful navigation tools refer users to the different resources in the library of knowledge to gain actionable intelligence and relevant guidance essential to successful project planning.

Collectively, the Resource Hub is the public asset essential to analyzing and strategically planning IIoT projects that deliver tangible and actionable results.

There is nothing like the Resource Hub in the market now. Members of the Industrial Internet Consortium have spent the last four years developing these resources essential to the industry so project managers and system architects do not need to rely solely on intuition and prototyping in unchartered territory. The Resource Hub delivers those resources more easily, today for project planning and more as additional Explorers are developed. The Resource Hub also categorizes experts within the IIoT ecosystem by their products and services and so connects project planners with solution providers and end users who are further along in the maturity of their IIoT systems.

Users of the Resource Hub are equipped to create more reliable project plans, reduce time to market and decrease project risks. They can plan and execute their IIoT strategy more successfully, generating new and potentially disruptive products and services. The easy access to testbed insights will promote and foster further innovation, standards enhancements and developments. The Resource Hub enables users to improve the success rate of IIoT implementations by connecting technical and business stakeholders with industry resources and implementation experts in a broader ecosystem led by the industry leaders in Industrial Internet Consortium.

Effective use of the resources and tools eases the path to successful IoT implementations and enables interoperability between technologies that facilitates the trillion dollar opportunities of the IIoT.

Body of Knowledge: Collaborative resources developed, tested and published by industry leaders. This includes testbed overviews and outcomes, Insight Reports, Foundational Documents (IIRA, IISF, IICF, BSIF, IIoTAF and Vocabulary), maturity models and select white papers.

Explorers: The Project Explorer launched in October 2018 offers a web-based method for:

  • creating an assessment of an IoT project
  • scoping a solution and creating a mutual basis for communication between technical and business project stakeholders
  • directing a quantitative method for developing implementation, rollout and growth plans

Other Explorers, under development as web-based toolkits, will provide assistance with maturity modeling, security assessment and interoperability challenges.

Ecosystem Directory: This map of the IIoT Ecosystem categorizes IIoT experts making them searchable by their expertise.

The Industrial Internet Consortium, comprising global leading organizations, sets the agenda for IIoT and moves that agenda forward. The Resource Hub is one more example of how the Industrial Internet Consortium leads.

The Resource Hub is designed for use across industries, among technical and business stakeholders in the IIoT. The Project Explorer is designed for project managers and solution architects in the midst of or embarking on the IIoT journey.

In its initial launch, the Resource Hub will be accessed through links from the Industrial Internet Consortium public website. It is free and available to the public. In addition to the Project Explorer and the Ecosystem Directory, the Body of Knowledge will include testbed overviews and outcomes, Insight Reports, Foundational Documents (IIRA, IISF, IICF, BSIF, IIoTAF and Vocabulary), maturity models and select white papers. Users can select any of the resources and dedicate time to learning from one document at a time, or they can navigate across resources based on their area of interest or expertise. Or users can launch an Explorer to be guided through a process that yields actionable intelligence and results.

As the content available from the Resource Hub is expanded further and more content on the current Industrial Internet Consortium public site is incorporated into the Resource Hub, the IIC public website content will be mostly integrated into the Resource Hub and the links between the two websites will become seamless.

It will be launched for the public as a public beta version on October 16, 2018 at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

In late 2018 and early 2019, we will add further functionality including an Explorer that provides a use case matrix enabling users to discover—by industry sector—interoperability challenges and solutions, relevant standards and related platforms and architectures.