The Industrial Internet Consortium Steering Committee has nine members (plus the Executive Director, ex-officio), each of whom is affiliated with an Industrial Internet Consortium member company. Seats held by Contributing Members consist of four-year terms; these seats are currently held by Dell EMC, Huawei, Microsoft and Purdue.

The remaining Steering Committee seats are for two-year term and consist of two representatives from large industry members, one representative from small industry, and one representative from academia, nonprofit and government members. In the 2017-2018 election and beyond, seats up for election will be for two-year terms. Seats are filled by a vote of the members within each level, with the exception of the Contributing Member which is a four-year term voted on by the Founding and Contributing Members.




Contributing Members


Large industry members


Small industry members


Academia or nonprofit member


The role of the Steering Committee includes, but is not limited to, fiscal oversight, setting up subgroups as appropriate, including but not limited to research selection, testbed creation and defining standards requirements and priorities. The Steering Committee functions like a Board.


  • Consider research proposals and grant funding from government funds
  • Prioritize and develop requirements for standards
  • Make decisions on publications (white papers, etc.)
  • Define and manage the rules
  • And other items as required


Steering Committee

  • Mr. Farid Bichareh
    CTO, AASA Inc.

    Mr. Farid Bichareh

  • Mr. Robert Martin
    Senior Principal Engineer, Cyber Security Partnerships, The MITRE Corporation

    Mr. Robert Martin, CHAIR

  • Dr. Mung Chiang
    John A. Edwardson Dean, Roscoe H. George Distinguished Professor College of Engineering, Purdue University

    Dr. Mung Chiang

  • Dr. Richard Soley
    Executive Director, Industrial Internet Consortium

    Dr. Richard Soley

  • Dr.Said Tabet
    Lead Technologist, IoT and AI Strategy, Dell EMC

    Dr. Said Tabet

  • Wang Xuemin
    Vice President, European Research Institute, Huawei

    Mr. Wang Xuemin

  • Ron Zahavi
    Chief Strategist for IoT Standards, Microsoft Azure IoT

    Mr. Ron Zahavi


  • Mr. Wael William Diab
    Vice President - AI, IoT Standardization and Strategy, Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

    Mr. Wael William Diab

Steering Committee Alternates

  • Mr. Donagh Buckley
    Distinguished Engineer, Office of the Corporate CTO, Dell Technologies

    MS. Erin Bournival

  • Mr. Wael William Diab
    Vice President - AI, IoT Standardization and Strategy, Futurewei

    Mr. Wael William Diab

  • Mr. Bill Hoffman
    President and COO, Industrial Internet Consortium

    Mr. Bill Hoffman

  • Mr. Vijay Raghunathan
    Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University

    Mr. Vijay Raghunathan

  • Dr. Holger Kenn
    Director Business Strategy, Microsoft

    Dr. Holger Kenn