Security Working Group

Staff Chair: Stephen Mellor

The Industrial Internet Consortium’s Security Working Group was created to develop a common security framework and a rigorous methodology to assess security in Industrial Internet Systems. This is a direct reflection of the high priority placed by Industrial Internet Consortium members on collaboratively building a safe, reliable and secure Industrial Internet.

The common security framework will describe the consequences in security terms of merging different security fields (industrial, information, controls, analytics and cloud). While doing so, it will also provide guidance on how to:

  • select improved security objectives appropriate to different classes of industrial activity,
  • achieve those objectives, and
  • leverage novel technologies to overcome different classes of adversaries.

The review process and suggested practices outlined in the framework will help to improve the protection of a wide range of industry verticals implementing Industrial Internet Systems, from smart cities to critical infrastructures.

The security framework is also a live reference for the different industrial evaluation testbeds hosted by the Industrial Internet Consortium. The Security Working Group is tasked with providing security & privacy guidance to the many testbed teams for the implementation of more mature security solutions.

To learn more about the Security Working Group’s approach to securing Industrial Internet Systems, click here for a summary.