Industry White Papers

  • Identification of Information Entities
    Presents what identifiers are and what they are for; describes the key characteristics of identifiers such as their syntax, governance and assignment; looks at several standards for object identifiers; and provides an overview of identifier solutions as adopted in several major international initiatives.
    – From the Technology Working Group
  • IT-OT Convergence Impact on Networking
    An Industry IoT Consortium Tech Brief
  • Impact of Distributed Ledgers on Provider Networks
    Analyzes the operational impact of peer-to-peer distributed ledgers on the service provider network.
    – From the IIC Distributed Ledger Tiger Team
  • MILS Architectural Approach Supporting Trustworthiness of IIoT Solutions
    Describes the details of the MILS architectural approach, which has emerged as a strategy for cost-effective construction of systems requiring dependability with high assurance
    From the IIC Trustworthiness Task Group
  • BizOps for Digital Transformation in Industries
    Defines commonly appearing features of BDXI processes of firms, of creation of solutions achieved by integrating OT and IT, and proposes several IIC initiatives to help guide BDXI processes
    -From the BizOps for Digital Transformation in Industries (BDXI) Contributing Group
  • Tech Brief: Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Key Insights &Future Trends
    Tackles digital transformation, which promises to disrupt manufacturing processes and improve business outcomes in the next decade
    -From the IIC Manufacturing Industry Leadership Council
  • Digital Transformation in Industry
    Provides a general overview of digital transformation (DX) in industry and the types of better outcomes that organizations seek when they embark on DX journeys
    -From the IIC Digital Transformation Working Group
  • Distributed Ledgers in IIoT
    Investigates distributed ledger characteristics, key drivers for implementation, current deployments, future opportunities, challenges, standards, and practical guidance on how distributed ledgers may be deployed in IIoT systems
    -From the IIC Industrial Distributed Ledger Task Group
  • Implementation Aspect: IIoT and Blockchain
    Provides an overview of typical IIoT use cases and how blockchain can be used
    -From the IIC Industrial Distributed Ledger Task Group
  • Enabling Digital Transformation with IoT Performance and Properties Measurement (Exec Summary)
    Investigates the need for measuring various aspects of an industrial DX solution at various stages of its lifecycle and how measurements are essential to manage it
    -From the IIC Digital Transformation Working Group
  • Digital Twins for Industrial Applications
    Provides practical guidance on digital twin, including the definition, benefits, architectures and the necessary building blocks to implement one
    -From the IIC Digital Twin Interoperability Task Group
  • Industrial Networking Enabling IIoT Communication
    Briefly introduces the IIC IINF, an IIC foundational document intended to be used to select the appropriate solution for IIoT communication
    -From the IIC Networking Task Group
  • Key Safety Challenges for the IIoT
    Highlight four key safety challenges for the IIoT, explains why the current safety frameworks and approaches are inadequate, and recommends how the greater IIoT community should address them
    -From the IIC Safety Task Group
  • Smart Factory Applications in Discrete Manufacturing
    Explores some of the key challenges and best practices that you should consider as you evolve your Smart Factories
    – From the IIC Smart Factory Task Group