Edge Computing White Papers

  • Trusted and Transparent Asset Tracking on the Edge
    An Industry IoT Consortium Tech Brief
  • Tech Brief: Virtualized Programmable Logic Controllers
    A paradigm shift toward industrial edge and cloud computing. Describes the integrated, edge-based architecture, implementation considerations, a look into the future, business considerations, and related IIC presentations.
    From the IIC’s Edge Computing Task Group
  • Distributed Computing in the Edge
    Describes a framework for distributed computing in the edge that brings computation, networking and storage closer to data producers and consumers for the IoT
    -From the IIC’s Fog Computing Task Group and Distributing Computing Task Group
  • Tech Brief: Decentralized Identity for Edge Computing
    Describes how to create a unified, interoperable and tamper-proof device identity registry on top of the blockchain by introducing DIDs and VCs into the lifecycle of IoT devices
    – From IIC Member IoTex
  • Tech Brief: Augmented Reality and the Edge
    Examines the juxtaposition of the IoT edge with AR technology. Three main classes of AR technology are considered: AR headsets, AR on smart phones and spatial AR that projects light directly onto physical reality
    -From IIC Member SAS
  • The Edge Computing Advantage
    Demystifies edge computing, discusses its benefits, explains how it works, how it is realized. and the future opportunities and challenges it presents
    -From the IIC’s Marketing Working Group
  • Introduction to Edge Computing in IIoT
    Provides practical guidance on edge computing, architectures and the building blocks necessary for an edge computing implementation. Defines edge computing architectural functions and highlights key use case considerations
    -From the IIC’s Edge Computing Task Group
  • Our Collection of Edge Computing Publications
    This collection supporting the IIC effort to guide best practices in edge computing
    -From the IIC merger with the OpenFog Consortium