Beyond Digitization: The Convergence of Big Data, Analytics and Intelligent Systems in Oil & Gas

By 2020, 25 billion assets will be connected - working smarter, faster and more efficiently than ever before. The oil and gas industry is beginning to experience the convergence of big data, analytics and intelligent systems. This movement towards convergence challenges the current silos of disparate technologies, from legacy SCADA and asset management, to historian and decision support systems. These challenges are paving the way for new, emerging solutions that drive data and predictive analytics into the edge, the data center, and the Cloud. The Result: The industry is realizing higher levels of performance and optimization that can result in outsized return on investment for oil and gas companies leveraging these new capabilities.

This white paper highlights how the oil and gas industry has coped with the evolution of technology from field operations to the data center, exposing the need for the industry to consider dramatic changes to leverage big data and to advance the use of analytics.

In this paper, we focus on:

  • The limitations of oil and gas asset management, big data, and communications systems;
  • The evolution of next generation "digitalized" industrial assets;
  • The convergence vision where enterprise-wide analytics will drive all elements of industrial operations.

Special thanks to the following member organizations for their contributions to this whitepaper:

  • Accenture Digital
  • Cisco
  • Frost Data Capital
  • GE
  • OspreyData - a Frost Data Capital company
  • PrismTech

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