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Iot Solutions World Congress presents a global crossroads for business and tech executives looking to transform industries through powerful digital innovation initiatives. Over 16,000 attendees are expected to attend #IOTSWC2023 in search of innovative, disruptive, game-changing outcomes.

Check out these sessions and panels featuring the leading innovators in digital twin technology - our members!

Member Speakers at IOT Solutions World Congress '23

Tuesday, January 31

Digital Twins and IoT: Integrating the Physical and Virtual Worlds
Dr. Michael Grieves, Digital Twin Institute (DTC)

Vision and Industry Initiatives Driving the Future of Mobility
Jeff White and Dr. Said Tabet, Dell Technologies (DTC, IIC)

Deploying a Digital Twin to track VINCI Construction's GHG emissions
Jean Pierre Riehl, Avanade (DTC)

Composing a Smart Airport from Service Provider Capabilities based on a System of Systems Metamodel
Dan Isaacs, Digital Twin Consortium (DTC); Isaac Benzaquen, Dassault Systèmes (DTC, AREA)

Industry 5.0: Productivity, People and Planet
Cyril Perducat, Rockwell Automation (AREA)

Panel: The Journey to Sustainability through Enabling Technologies
Ron Zahavi, Microsoft (DTC, IIC); Dr. Said Tabet, Dell Technologies (DTC, IIC); David McKee, Slingshot Simulations (DTC); Dan Isaacs, Digital Twin Consortium (DTC)

How Industry Leaders are Competing with Data Products
James Skinner, BP (DTC); Teresa Tung, Accenture(IIC)

Wednesday, February 1

Panel: Demystifying Smart Building Platforms - Bringing Transparency to the Chaos2
Dominik Schlicht, Accenture (IIC)

Panel: Status of the Enterprise Augmented Reality (AR) Ecosystem and What are We Doing to Improve It!
Mark Sage, AREA; Dr. David Canepa, Microsoft (DTC, IIC); Christine Perey, PEREY Research Consulting (AREA); Jon Eyre, AMRC (AREA); Dr. Brian Laughlin, Boeing (AREA)

How Google let their DataCenter Cooling systems Go on 'Automatic Mode' (and Sleep Well)
Enrique Perez, Google (DTC)

How New Trust Capabilities Unlock Operational Data Sharing
Teresa Tung, Accenture (IIC)

Panel: Driving Value for Your Business with Digital Twins
Dr. Michael Grieves, Digital Twin Institute (DTC); Dan Isaacs, Digital Twin Consortium (DTC)

Modeling Digital Twins
Pieter van Schalkwyk, XMPro (DTC); Ron Zahavi, Microsoft (DTC, IIC)

Using a Digital Twin to Optimize Interventions for Regional Net Zero Initiatives
David  McKee, Slingshot Simulations (DTC)

Valencia's Digital Twins: Bringing the Future to Water Management
Marta Hervas and Pilar Conejos, Idrica (DTC)

Panel Discussion: Driving Value for Your Business with Digital Twins
Dan Isaacs, Digital Twin Consortium (DTC); Michael Grieves, Digital Twin Institute (DTC); Giuseppe Padula, The Beta Factory (DTC)

Panel Discussion: The Metaverse - What it Means for Enterprise
Mark Sage, AREA (Area); Brian Laughlin, Boeing (AREA); Marc Funnel, National Composites Centre (AREA)

Thursday, February 2

Using 3D digital twins to track COVID19 and other diseases in Singapore’s largest hospital
Sean Whiteley, Founder, Axomem Pte Ltd (DTC)

Improving the Interaction and Experience of Volvo trucks with Edge AI
Henrick Ydreskog and Nils Sahlberg; Stream Analyze (IIC)

Security Awareness in the Ports with IoT and Augmented Reality Solutions
Alberto Pinzello, Rockwell Automation (AREA)

Panel: Transforming Industry Through Digital Twins and AI
Simon Shaw, Cintoo (DTC); Teresa Tung, Accenture (IIC)

Member Pavilion

Visit us in our Pavilion at IOTSWC. Gran Via, Hall 4, Level 0, Street D, Stand 471

Stop by to learn more about Digital Twin Consortium and meet our members. We'll have daily presentations and demonstrations from our co-exhibitors.

Tuesday, January 31
Delivering Transformative Business ValueIndustry IoT Consortium
The Security Maturity Model - Digital Twin ProfileDigital Twin Consortium
Accelerate your journey to Net Zero with Sustainable Digital TwinsSlingshot Simulations
Cintoo Cloud - The As-Built platform to manage all types of 3D laser scan and BIM/CAD model data that plugs into your digital twinCintoo
Transforming Data Communications of the Industrial Internet with DDSTwin Oaks Computing
Wednesday, February 1
Smart Products and Factories alive: Successful Use Case for IIoT casesContact Software
Status of the Enterprise Augmented Reality (AR) Ecosystem and What Can We do to Improve it!Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance
Enabling AI. EverywhereStream Analyze
Innovating a Better, Smarter WorldDigital Twin Consortium
Thursday, February 2
Sustainable TransformationPanel Discussion Moderated by Dan Isaacs, CTO, Digital Twin Consortium


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