Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the IIC?

The Industry IoT Consortium is a global not-for-profit partnership of industry, government, and academia. Since its founding in 2014, the IIC has helped build a technical foundation for the Industrial IoT. We work to help organizations take advantage of IoT technology and achieve positive outcomes. We are focused on driving technology innovation that fosters business transformation. Our goal is to help our members get the best return on their IoT investment.

2. What is your mission?

Our mission is to deliver transformative business value to industry, organizations, and society by accelerating the adoption of a trustworthy internet of things. Our member programs reflect this direction, and we are constantly creating new initiatives to help our members better reach their customers.

3. What services do you offer your members?

Our services are targeted toward helping members drive business value in our core verticals of IT, Networks, Academia & Research, Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, and Healthcare. We provide best-practice frameworks and liaisons with Standards Development Organizations. Our Business Development Accelerator programs are designed to identify customer pain points, improve your go-to-market abilities, and enhance your business outcomes.

4. What is the value of joining the IIC?

One large corporation, systems integrator, or vendor cannot solve industry problems alone. Our members work together, leveraging their combined technical expertise in a neutral environment to solve larger problems that transform businesses. It's in the interest of members, and our collective pursuit of best practices in IoT via collaboration throughout the IoT ecosystem, to solve these problems for the industry. IIC member activities yield results that can influence go-to-market solutions and strategies and impact the business's bottom line.

5. Which industries does IIC support?

The IIC was built to support technology and business leaders in industries that leverage IoT, including but not limited to energy, sustainability, healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain, mining, retail, smart cities, and transportation. The IIC's role is to identify and facilitate use cases and innovative enablers, deployments, and approaches that alleviate the pain felt by technology end-users.

6. What markets and platforms does IIC support?

The IIC works across multiple vertical markets and horizontal platforms, and we recognize that this approach is broad. For example, Manufacturing comes in many shapes: discrete, continuous, and batch-size. Energy covers many use cases from the well head to refineries to microgrids and centralized power generation. Working across industries enables IIC members to create technology and solutions that apply horizontally, impacting multiple domains.

7. Which technologies do IIC members work with?

Since the IIC focuses on trends in IoT, our members are currently eyeing customer initiatives in AI/ML, digital twin, blockchain, autonomous IoT, robotics, and wearables. Our core Working Groups provide a range of activities for organizations in Networking, Edge, Security & Trustworthiness, Digital Transformation, Industry, and Technology. IIC's Working Groups focus on our core areas and often yield industry-first reference architectures and testbeds.

The IIC identifies best practices for DevSecOps, BizDevOps, and IT/OT integration to guide the application of IoT technology and enablers toward achieving positive business outcomes. These are benefits to members who can demonstrate their thought leadership, products, and services—and make a real difference.

8. How can I ensure value from my membership?
  • GET INVOLVED. Participating in Working Groups and Task Groups, in person and via virtual calls, enables you to apply your capabilities, refine your business direction, and expand your expertise.
  • NETWORK. Networking with other members uncovers new business relationships and sales channels. Many members report gaining new partnerships after just one meeting.
  • BECOME A TECH LEADER. Taking advantage of IIC's programs and a global presence through publications, reference architectures, testbeds, workshops, forums, and events builds your brand and expands business value.
  • BECOME A THOUGHT LEADER. Contributing to marketing activities, events, discussions, and documents builds your reputation within the membership and enables you and your company to gain credibility and validation as your contributions develop into IIC public resources.
  • SOLVE CUSTOMER PROBLEMS. Through participation, you will find customers and the needed expertise to solve their problems and increase your bottom line. Creating testbeds, patterns, member insights, and collaboration fosters innovation, new products, services, and business models.