Patterns InitiativePublishing a Library of Architectural and Design Patterns for Cross-Industry Use

The intention of the IIC Patterns Initiative is to crowdsource, review, revise and publish a library of high-quality and well-reasoned patterns for use and reuse across industries.

There are two IoT pattern types: architectural patterns which, at a high-level, describe the essential cohesive components as well as the visualized assembly and organization thereof into a(n) (software) architecture (e.g., data flows) whereas design patterns, at a granular level, illustrate abstract level design solutions to specific design problems (e.g., how components are built).

Patterns should be user-friendly in the way they visualize their elements' vital characteristics and provide thorough guidance on solution implementation and should ideally be applicable across different domains. Therefore, documenting a pattern requires a clear explanation of the problem(s) which give(s) rise to the pattern, how its components relate to provide the solution and when it is applicable. Patterns propose a broad, yet not vague, range of values to guide an IoT solution designer toward a decision that is best fit for a specific application.

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