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Industry IoT Consortium Welcomes BIRD INITIATIVE to Negotiation Automation Platform Testbed

Using AI technologies to improve supply chain management processes

BOSTON, MA – JANUARY 17, 2022 – The Industry IoT Consortium® (IIC™) today announced that the BIRD INITIATIVE (Business Innovation powered by Research & Development) is now a participant of the IIC Negotiation Automation Platform (NAP) Testbed, led by IIC member NEC. The BIRD INITIATIVE is a collaborative research and development effort among industry, financial companies, and academia to advance digitalization across industries. Key focus areas for the initiative include AI technologies and automatic negotiation.

The IIC NAP Testbed employs AI technologies to help buyers and sellers find mutually agreeable contract terms automatically across manufacturing supply chains. The technologies also help factories and transporters to find mutually agreeable contract terms automatically to arrange efficient transportation. Automatic negotiation enables buyers to communicate their procurement requirements, sellers to expand orders and profits, and factories/transporters to use their transport systems efficiently.

“When buyers and sellers can negotiate favorable contracts automatically using AI, they significantly improve manufacturing and logistics efficiency across the entire supply chain,” said Howard Kradjel, Vice President, Industry Programs, IIC. “With its focus on AI, the BIRD INITIATIVE is a welcome addition to the NAP Testbed.”

“The BIRD INITIATIVE is excited about participating in the IIC NAP Testbed and helping to evolve supply chain management processes for corporations,” said Masamitsu Kitase, President and CEO of BIRD INITIATIVE.

For more information about the NAP Testbed and a complete list of testbed participants, visit our website.

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