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Industrial Internet Consortium White Paper Identifies Innovation Process for Digital Transformation

BizOps for digital transformation in industry facilitates IT and OT integration with better business outcomes

BOSTON, MA – FEBRUARY 25, 2021 – The Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC™) today announced the publication of the BizOps for Digital Transformation in Industries white paper. The new white paper identifies the BizOps for Digital Transformation in Industry (BDXI) innovation process, offering examples of a BDXI framework as crucial for IIoT solutions operators undergoing digital transformation.

“Digital transformation is a huge topic influencing almost every department of a firm,” said Co-author of the white paper Kai Hackbarth, Business Owner Industrial at Bosch.IO. “Solutions operators must integrate IT and OT to achieve better business outcomes, especially in asset-driven industries such as agriculture, energy, health care, manufacturing, retail, smart cities, and transportation. This is not an easy task as the process is slow and likely to conflict with existing processes and management systems.”

“The BDXI process is a fast, open, and customer-centric innovation process that considers the constraints and complexity of IT/OT integration and the physical world,” said Co-author of the white paper Chaisung Lim, Group Chair of the IIC BizOps for Digital Transformation in Industry Contributing Group, Chairman of the Korea Industry 4.0 Association, and a professor of Konkuk University. “A BDXI process helps IIoT solutions operators manage the innovation process from idea to launch successfully.”

A BDXI process includes discovering customer needs, developing solutions, learning whether solutions are feasible, and putting them into action. This necessitates dialogue between IT and OT stakeholders who would otherwise be constrained by organizational silos, a customer-centric process of checking solution validity, and fast experimentation with minimum viable products and agile methods. The most common features of BDXI processes includes the adoption of the best innovation practices from design thinking, lean start up and agile methods, and BizDevOps (the integration of IT/OT). BDXI process must be supported by a BDXI framework that offers a guide for implementing BDXI process concretely.

The BizOps for Digital Transformation in Industry white paper delves into the most common features of BDXI processes, examples of BDXI processes and frameworks, conflicts between BDXI processes and management systems, and IIC initiatives to help guide BDXI processes. IIC authors and contributors to the BizOps for Digital Transformation in Industry white paper can be found here on the IIC website.

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