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Latest Industrial Internet Consortium Journal of Innovation Provides Insight about Solutions in the Distributed Edge

The publication shares the latest IIC research on distributed computing

BOSTON, MA – JULY 6, 2021 – The Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC™) today published the newest edition of the Journal of Innovation (JoI) entitled Applying Solutions at the Distributed Edge. The latest issue offers insights into ongoing research on distributed edge solutions from IIC member experts.

“We believe edge computing will grow in importance in the coming decade,” said Daniela Previtali, Co-Chair of the IIC Thought Leadership Task Group and Global Marketing Director, WIBU-SYSTEMS AG. “We’re excited about the latest issue of the JoI, which covers a range of important topics such as moving from the cloud to the edge, Industry 4.0, and heterogeneous computing.”

The Applying Solutions at the Distributed Edge edition of the JoI consists of articles contributed by leaders at IIC member organizations:

  • Key Criteria to Move Cloud Workloads to the Edge – Analyzes the tradeoffs associated with locating computational workloads in cloud data centers, edge computing nodes, or intelligent IoT devices. It proposes a detailed process to help system implementers decide which system sub-functions are optimally located at each of these levels.
  • Driving Industry 4.0 at Distributed Edges with Cloud Orchestration – A team of experts from SAP wrote the article. It has valuable insights into how edge computing can improve various aspects of Industry 4.0 deployments, the characteristics that make it practical, challenges facing it, edge architectures, and implementation requirements. There is particular emphasis on the critical topic of orchestration of workloads in the edge.
  • Heterogeneous Computing in the Edge – The article describes and compares the various types of computational resources that can be applied to edge computing, including CISC/RISC CPUs, GPUs, TPUs, FPGA, DSPs, and ASICs. It analyzes the key performance and cost attributes of these technologies, provides some guidelines for implementing a heterogeneous computing architecture in the edge, and decides which of the processing technologies are optimal.

The Journal of Innovation highlights the innovative ideas, approaches, products, and services emerging within the industrial internet in digital twin, data, IoT and digital transformation, AI, smart cities, smart factory, and edge computing. Past and present Journal of Innovation editions can be viewed and downloaded online. To watch a Journal of Innovation webinar, click on the associated hyperlink, register, and watch on-demand.

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