This March, something new is on the way

The Industry IoT Consortium Q1 2022 VIRTUAL Member Meeting; March 8-10, 2022.

Are you prepared to rev up your digital transformation game?

Join us for the Q1 Industry IoT Consortium Member meeting: Driving Digitization through IoT Headwinds. This meeting is a “can’t miss” opportunity if you are ready to understand what is holding back digital transformation in the industry – things like technology costs, cybersecurity, interoperability, and installation.

Would you like to hear success stories from organizations like IoTeX who capture value from the IoT Market? Maybe you’d like to learn how ExxonMobil deploys programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and distributed control systems (DCS) within an open, configurable edge solution. If your organization is a member of the Industry IoT Consortium, all employees can attend. Speakers and networking within a small group setting is a direct membership benefit, so Invite your colleagues.

Save your seat!

Join us for guest speakers from McKinsey & Company, Kaspersky Labs, Johnson & Johnson, ExxonMobil, Microsoft, Blockchain Technology Partners, Transforma Insights, Farallon Technology Group, Fraunhofer AB, IoTeX, and many more. Check out the plan.


time presentation presenter
11:00 Q1 2022 Member Meeting Welcome Stephen Mellor, IIC
11:30 Plenary: McKinsey & Company – Capturing the Accelerating Value of the Internet of Things Mark Collins, McKinsey & Company
12:30 Addressing Interoperability Dr. Kym Watson, Fraunhofer
1:30 Security Headwinds Keao Caindec, Farallon Technology Group
2:15 Forecasting the AI Market Matt Hatton, Transforma Insights
3:15 Blockchain Technology Partners Csilla Zsigri & Duncan Johnson-Watt, Blockchain Technology Partners, UK
4:00 TBA Mischa Dohler, Ericsson Inc.
4:45 Day One US- TIME ZONE Wrap Up Stephen Mellor, IIC
5:00 Virtual Networking N/A
7:00 AI Strategy for Automotive OEMs: User Perspectives Erik Walenza, IoT One
7:45 Case Study: Using IIoT to address Carbon Neutral in Manufacturing Hajime Sugiyama, Mitsubishi Electric

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11:00 Q1 2022 Member Meeting Day 2 Welcome Stephen Mellor, IIC
11:05 Opening Keynote – Kaspersky: Addressing Specific Cybersecurity Demands Marat Nuriev, KasperskyOS
12:00 Innovation Panel: Community IoT Economy

Moderator: Mitch Tseng, Tseng Infoserv, LLC

Panelists: Raullen Chai and Larry Pang – IoTeX, JP LeBlanc – AHOY! Ltd.

1:15 Business Needs Behind Over the Air Updates James Hunt and Norbert Steinhauser, AICAS
2:00 Business Deployment Accelerator Program – Member Collaboration Brings Products to Market Wadih Tannous, AASA Inc. and Mitch Tseng, Tseng Infoserv, LLC
3:15 Software Supply Chain Integrity, Transparency and Trustworthiness Bob Martin, The MITRE Corp.
4:00 Using the IIC RFP Toolkit for Assessing IIOT Security Devices Needs Roland Atoui, Red Alert Labs
4:45 Day Two Wrap Up Stephen Mellor, IIC

time presentation presenter
11:00 Day 3 Welcome and Opening Kickoff Rajive Joshi, Realtime Innovations
11:10 Opening Keynote: ExxonMobil. Open Configurable Reliability of Edge Clusters David DeBari, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company
12:00 SFX: Transforming Smart Factories: A Workshop Hosted by the Smart Factory Task Group will be moderated by Scott MacKenzie of Industrial Talks
2:15 Moving from Pilot to Scale – What it takes to Deploy Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing Maria Araujo, Johnson & Johnson
3:15 Security Maturity Model Updates: Training, Digital Twin Profile, ISA 62443 Mappings Ron Zahavi, Microsoft
4:00 Starting a New Project Right: Customer Input, Problem Statements, & Requirements Charles C. Byers, Industry IoT Consortium
4:45 Day Three Wrap Up Stephen Mellor, IIC


Save your seat!