IIC Is Establishing Regional Teams Around the Globe

Regional Teams are designed to facilitate local IIC activities in native languages. Our goal is to overcome cultural and time zone differences to accelerate the adoption of the Industrial IoT worldwide.

Chinese regional team

The Chinese regional team is active in Asia, led by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). Send inquiries to the Chinese Regional Team in care of Yuming Ge.

German Regional Team

The German Regional Team is active in Europe, led by Steinbeis Transfer Center Innovationsforum Industrie (STCII). Send inquiries to the German Regional Team in care of Daniel Burkhardt.

Indian Regional Team

The Indian Regional Team is active in India, led by NASSCOM Center for Excellence in IoT. Send inquiries to the Indian Regional Team in care of Sanjeev Malhotra.

Korean Regional Team

The Korean Regional Team is active in Korea, led by Korea Industry 4.0 Association (KI4.0). Send inquiries to the Korean Regional Team in case of Professor Chaisung Lim.

Other Regional Teams are planned and will be announced in 2019. For inquiries about our Regional Teams, please send your email to [email protected].