Steering Committee Member Bios






    Vice President - AI, IoT Standardization and Strategy, Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

    Wael is a business and technology strategist with over 885 patents to his name in the fields of networking and ICT. He is currently a Vice President at Futurewei Technologies, Inc. leading AI and IoT Standardization and Strategy. Prior to Futurewei, Wael held senior leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies, including Cisco and Broadcom.

    Wael has BS and MS degrees in EE and BA in Economics from Stanford, and an MBA with honors from Wharton. He is a published author, having authored the book Ethernet in the First Mile: Access for Everyone. In 2011, Wael was recognized by the David Packard Medal of Achievement and Innovator Award for his leadership in Green Technology.

    Wael has been active in standardization and related activities for two decades. He chairs ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42, the international standardization committee on artificial Intelligence (AI). Wael is also chairing the AI track of the 22nd Global Standards Collaboration meeting (GSC-22).

  • Robert Martin

    Mr. Robert Martin

    Senior Principal Engineer, Cyber Security Partnerships, The MITRE Corporation

    Bob Martin is a Senior Principal Engineer in Cyber Security Partnerships at MITRE. He has dedicated his career to solving some of the world's most difficult problems in systems and software engineering-including cybersecurity, application security and assurance, and establishing appropriate standards in these areas. He is actively contributing to or authoring 30 different standards within the ITU-T, ETSI, OMG, Open Group, and ISO on various aspects of cybersecurity and assurance. Bob's sponsor work spans across the seven Federal Funded Research and Development Centers that MITRE operates. Over the past 25 years Bob has utilized his expertise and experience in software quality and cybersecurity to help sponsors as well as to create and promote public international community initiatives such as SACM, SQAE, CVE, CAPEC, and CWE, which include large active vendor and research communities.

    Bob is a frequently requested speaker on security and quality issues pertaining to software-based technology systems and has published numerous articles and presentations in this area. Prior to joining MITRE, Bob started his career designing and installing manufacturing control systems in Area 2 of Kodak Park and performing software integration and porting projects for both RPI and General Electric. Bob holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in electrical engineering from RPI and an MBA from Babson College.

  • Vijay Raghunathan

    Mr. Vijay Raghunathan

    Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University

    Vijay Raghunathan is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University and the Director of the Embedded Systems and IoT Lab, which he founded in 2006. His research interests include hardware and software architectures for next-generation embedded systems, the Internet of Things (IoT), and wearable/implantable electronics, with an emphasis on ultra-low power design, edge analytics, and reliable/secure system design.

    Vijay has co-authored over a hundred journal and conference papers (several of which have won best paper awards) and has presented numerous invited talks and tutorials on the above topics. Several of the technologies and systems developed in his lab have been widely used in academia and industry. He has chaired multiple premier ACM and IEEE conferences and has served on the organizing and technical program committees of many more. He has served as an Associate Editor of two leading research journals, the ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems and the ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks. He also serves as the founding Director of the Professional MS program in the School of ECE at Purdue. Vijay received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from UCLA and his B. Tech. degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras, India.

  • Dr. Richard Soley

    Dr. Richard Soley

    Executive Director, Industrial Internet Consortium

    Dr. Richard Mark Soley is Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium and is responsible for the vision and direction of the organization. In addition to this role, Dr. Soley is Chairman and CEO of the Object Management Group (OMG) – an international, nonprofit computer industry standards consortium -- and Executive Director of the Cloud Standards Customer Council – an end-user advocacy group.

    Previously, Dr. Soley was a cofounder and former Chairman/CEO of A. I. Architects, Inc., maker of the 386 HummingBoard and other PC and workstation hardware and software. Prior to that, he consulted for various technology companies and venture firms on matters pertaining to software investment opportunities. Dr. Soley has also consulted for IBM, Motorola, PictureTel, Texas Instruments, Gold Hill Computer and others. He began his professional life at Honeywell Computer Systems working on the Multics operating system.

    A native of Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A., Dr. Soley holds bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  • Dr. Said Tabet

    Dr. Said Tabet

    Lead Technologist, IoT and AI Strategy, Dell EMC

    Dr. Said Tabet is the Lead Technologist for IoT and Artificial Intelligence Strategy at Dell EMC. Said is a member of the Object Management Group Board of Directors and the Principal Dell Technologies representative to the Industrial Internet Consortium and member of its Steering Committee. Said is Chair of the INCITS Secure Cloud Computing Ad-Hoc Group, and ISO Editor of the Cloud Security SLA project. Said is leading Deep Learning testbed activity within the IIC. Dr. Tabet is also a member of the Cloud Security Alliance International Standardization Council.

    With over two and a half decades in the industry, Said played the role of a technology advisor to a number of large multinational companies. Said contributes to technology innovation forums, guides startups through mentorship and coaching, is himself an entrepreneur and a supporter of industry efforts encouraging new technology adoption in multi-disciplinary environments. Said currently focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Industrial IoT and Deep Learning exploring challenges in Smart facilities, Manufacturing, Utilities/Energy, Connected vehicles, IoT Security, Big Data Analytics, Model-based engineering, and future technology innovation. Dr. Tabet is a regular speaker and panelist at industry conferences and international standards meetings, co-founder of RuleML, Artificial Intelligence and IoT Expert, as well as author and editor of several book series and articles. Said worked closely with W3C founder Sir Tim Berners Lee and with other globally recognized technology leaders.

  • Mr. Wang Xuemin

    Mr. Wang Xuemin

    Vice President, European Research Institute, Huawei

    Mr. Wang Xuemin, joined in Huawei in 1995. He served as project manager of Huawei B-Type Circuit Switching product, vice manager of Product Testing Department, vice manager of General Technical Management Office and as director of Standardization & Industry Dept, responsible for developing and implementing corporate standard and industry development strategy. Currently Mr. Wang serves as the vice president of the European research institute.

    Also, Mr. Wang was served as board member of several industry organizations include CCSA, IEC MSB, OMA etc, for the aim of building nice communication channels and relationships with customers, vendors, and partners in the multi-level standard and industry development environment.

  • Mr. Ron Zahavi

    Mr. Ron Zahavi

    Chief Strategist for IoT Standards, Microsoft Azure IoT

    Ron Zahavi is Chief Strategist for IoT Standards, Microsoft Azure IoT. Ron has extensive experience managing technology and strategy, business transformation, and integrating software and applications to meet business requirements. His breadth of experience includes work in commercial and public sectors, with startups and large companies, with Federal and State agencies, and with private equity. Previously he was a Senior Enterprise Architect in the Enterprise Strategy Business within Microsoft Consulting Services and prior to Microsoft led his own strategy consulting company and spent several years in CTO, CIO and Chief Architect roles managing technology across several companies and performing due diligence of potential acquisitions.

    Ron represents Microsoft in several Standards organizations and Consortia. He is on the OMG board of directors, leads the Microsoft internal IoT community and was a member of the OpenFog board of directors. He is also member of the IoT Solutions World Congress program committee, co-chairs the IIC Security Applicability task group and is a co-author of the IoT Security Maturity Model.

    Ron’s work with IoT spans 18 years including the creation of the architecture for an IoT platform that drove the acquisition strategy at a private equity company. His IoT project experience includes city flow meters, energy supply chain, electronic border fence, bio surveillance, and others. He is an internationally recognized speaker and expert panelist on IoT, systems integration and business architecture, and a published author and co-author of several books including Business Modeling: A Practical Guide to Realizing Business Value. Ron received his Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland and Masters in Computer Science from the Johns Hopkins University.

  • Dr. Holger Kenn

    Dr. Holger Kenn

    Director Business Strategy, Microsoft

    Dr. Holger Kenn is responsible for the technology strategy in the AI and MR business development team at Microsoft, working with a cross-functional team building out the ecosystem of technology partners, standards bodies, and other innovation catalysts in the domains of IoT and AI.

    Previous roles within Microsoft include Architect, working with industrial OEMs to build a wide variety of AI- and IOT-powered industrial and consumer solutions across a range of industries and Applied Researcher in Microsoft Research, working on distributed systems technology and system-level innovations such as real-time hypervisors and security systems.

    Outside of Microsoft, Dr. Kenn has led international research teams in the domains of robotics, wearable computing, and AI at several international research organizations. Dr. Kenn earned a Ph.D. degree from Vrije Universiteit Brussels in Belgium, designing operating systems for autonomous systems.

  • Mr. Farid Bichareh

    Mr. Farid Bichareh

    CTO, AASA, Inc.

    Farid Bichareh is CTO of AASA Inc. – 01LightComm. He began his professional career as an Electrical Control Engineer designing automated and integrated systems, robotic solutions, and optical rotary encoders (Visible Light Communication enabled sensors). Over the past 20 years, he has worked as adjunct professor, technical and research lead, program director, business development manager, chief product officer, chief technology officer, chief executive officer and technology, innovative, IIoT and digital/smart factory transformation consultant at multi-national corporations including Dupont/DJ chemical, Delphi/Aptiv Automotive, Ford/Comau Robotics, Homag/Dü, Haworth, SteelCase, Boeing, Stryker; as well as for US Government agencies including the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), and the US Census Bureau. 

    He has founded or co-founded 7 different businesses and organizations and served as a top executive and board member.  He now serves as the Chief Technology Officer of AASA, where he also co-founded the technology spinoff, 01LightCom. His recent focus includes the COVID-19 impact on the industry, manufacturing and IoT/IIoT, and co-founding Touchless Technology LLC. serving as Chief Executive Officer, with the objective of developing a smart wrist band that can help and provide social distancing and track and tracing in workspace and manufacturing and also prevents workforce from touching their faces; the prototype of this product is finalized and is under final tests.

    Farid is an active IIC Member serving as Smart Factory Co-Chair and delivering  many papers, interviews, speeches, panels, webinars in major international conferences and exhibitions around the world including IOTSW and IoT World. Through AASA, he introduced Li-Fi to IIC members and that technology was used at the IIC Booths in both Hanover Messe and IoTSWC in 2019. In addition, he was part of the team of IIC Members that put together the V2X Cyber Security Demo which is being considered to be an IIC testbed.