SMM TrainingIoT Security Maturity Model Fundamentals Course (1/2 Day)

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The course teaches the fundamentals of security maturity modeling. It is divided into modules; there are several short videos, case studies and exercises. Three sample practices are detailed to help you understand what security maturity modeling is and how to apply it.

Once 70% of the knowledge check is passed, you will receive a certificate indicating you have acquired this knowledge, and you will have the option of being listed in the IIC SMM directory.

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The Security Maturity Model ("SMM") helps companies assess whether their security measures meet their security needs and thereby avoid overinvestment or underinvestment in security. Because it applies general principles to specific facts in a rapidly changing environment, it should be used as one of several tools to assess security and cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, THE SMM IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND OMG DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES AND REPRESENTATIONS, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, NEITHER OMG NOR ANY CONTRIBUTORS TO THE SMM (I) WARRANT THAT THE SMM WILL MEET YOUR NEEDS OR PROVIDE ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS OR RECOMMENDATIONS, OR (II) SHALL HAVE ANY RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY FOR THE APPLICATION OR USE OF THE SMM. YOU WAIVE ALL CLAIMS FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE.