IoT Security Maturity Model Practitioner's Workshop

WHEN: Thursday, December 10
8:00am - 1:00pm
WHERE: Webinar Series
WHO: Open to the public
COST: Complimentary (Pre-registration is required)
CONTACT: [email protected]
Follow Us: @IIConsortium

How do you decide where to focus your security resources?

IoT customers and technology users across industrial verticals such as manufacturing, energy, smart cities, chemical and pharma want the strongest possible security for their systems. The promise of IoT will enable these systems to run more efficiently and result in new business models with security as a top priority. Without proper security, organizations, their reputations and the greater public are at increased risk.

Deciding where to focus security resources can be a challenge. How do you prepare and properly implement plans to counter the growing and ever-changing security threats that are emerging? -- Security Maturity Modeling (SMM)

SMM is gaining traction, and demand is growing for assessment services. Companies offering assessment services will want to familiarize themselves with the SMM to broaden their business opportunity.

Join the SMM authors for a ½ day fundamentals course and leave with an approach for applying the Security Maturity Model within your own environment. From there, you can confidently establish your organization’s desired state of security maturity, pinpoint where gaps exist and develop a roadmap for achieving your goals. Use case examples and interactive exercises will be included.

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