The IIC Steering Committee sets the strategy for IIC working groups and members. Seats are held by Contributing-level members and elected representatives from the membership. The Steering Committee functions like a Board and its role includes, but is not limited to, fiscal oversight, setting up subgroups as appropriate, including but not limited to research selection, testbed creation and defining standards requirements and priorities.

The Steering Committee creates working groups that:

Steering Committee

  1. Consider research proposals and grant funding from government funds
  2. Prioritize and develop requirements for standards
  3. Make decisions on publications (white papers, etc.)
  4. Define and manage the rules
  5. And other items as required

Meet the Steering Committee

Steering Committee Seat Assignment and Attendance Requirements

The IIC Steering Committee seats are assigned to an individual, not simply to the member company. There may be no more than one Steering Committee member from any particular company. Founding Sponsors automatically receive one (1) Steering Committee seat. A Steering Committee member may relinquish that membership voluntarily, or may place that membership at risk through inactivity. Specifically, failure to attend or appoint a delegate to attend two consecutive Steering Committee meetings places a member on probation. Attendance by the Steering Committee member or appointed delegate at the next Steering Committee meeting is mandatory or dismissal from the Steering Committee will result. Vacant Steering Committee seats are filled, at the earliest reasonable opportunity, by (i) appointment by the founding members, if the vacancy is of a founding member's seat, and (ii) by election, for all other vacancies. In this context, Steering Committee meetings refer to IIC technical meetings and periodic conference calls, the latter likely held no more than once per month.

Election Process

Election for IIC Steering Committee seats is by Single Transferable Vote (STV) of IIC Members eligible to vote. When a special election is held to fill a seat vacated before the regularly scheduled elections, the newly-elected Steering Committee member occupies that seat for the balance of that original term. Should a single election for several seats of different remaining terms take place, the STV vote transferring process will be used to fill the seats in order, longest term first.

Candidates for the IIC Steering Committee require two nominations, e-mailed to the election group chair. Nominations must be made by representatives from an IIC member organization. Representatives from one organization are limited to nominating at most four candidates. The nomination period is thirty days from the announcement by the election group chair that nominations may be submitted until the closing date for nominations. During the nomination period, candidates are encouraged to submit a position statement HERE. The position statement should describe the candidate's background and goals for participation on the Steering Committee. Candidates must acknowledge that their companies have allowed them to allocate the time necessary to perform the duties of a Steering Committee member. The acknowledgement is authored by the candidate and commonly appears at the end of the candidate's position statement.

If, at the nominations closing date, there are fewer candidates than seats available, all the candidates are deemed elected unopposed, and no election is held. If there are both full- and partial-term seats in an unopposed election, but more candidates than full-term seats, lots will be drawn to determine which candidates are assigned the full-term seats.