Testbeds are a major focus and activity of the Industrial Internet Consortium and its members. The Testbed Working Group accelerates the creation of testbeds for the Industrial Internet and serves as the advisory body for testbed proposal activities for our members. It is the centralized group that collects testbed ideas from our member companies and provides the members with systematic yet flexible guidance for new testbed proposals. Our testbeds are where the innovation and opportunities of the Industrial Internet – new technologies, new applications, new products, new services, new processes – can be initiated, thought through, and rigorously tested to ascertain their usefulness and viability before coming to market. Learn more about testbeds in general and specific testbeds below.

The outcomes from testbeds are the cornerstones of a feedback loop from concept to reality and back to guidance for further innovation. We are pleased to deliver the September 2017 report, “Why We Build Testbeds: First Results,” describing specific results from several testbeds.


Asset Efficiency Testbed

Condition Monitoring Testbed

Connected Care Testbed

Connected Vehicle Urban Traffic Management Testbed

Connected Workforce Safety Testbed

Deep Learning Facility Testbed

Factory Automation Platform as a Service (FA PaaS) Testbed

FOVI Testbed

Industrial Digital Thread Testbed


Intelligent Urban Water Supply Testbed

Manufacturing Quality Management Testbed

Distributed Energy-Resources Testbed

Optimizing Manufacturing Processes With Artificial Intelligence

Precision Crop Management Testbed

Retail Video Analytics Testbed

Security Claims Evaluation Testbed

Smart Airline Baggage Management Testbed

Smart Energy Management Testbed

Smart Factory Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance Testbed

Smart Factory Web


Smart Printing Factory Testbed

Water Management Testbed

Time-Sensitive Networks Testbed

Track and Trace Testbed

Have more questions about Industrial Internet Consortium testbeds? Visit our Testbed FAQ for answers. For more information on the Testbed Working Group that guides the testbed activity within the Consortium, visit our Testbed Working Group webpage.

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