Application of 5G and AAS digital twin for the automobile part producer

Applying 5G plus Asset Administration Shell digital twins to an auto parts production line.

Korea Industry 4.0 Association on behalf of Gyeongnam Techno Park (2023 12/20)


This IIC Test Drive employs a 5G private communication network to demonstrate the efficiency and reliability of 5G for digital twin-based production lines, which require real-time processing of massive amounts of data. The 5G network is customized to specific production lines by extending the existing Asset Administration Shell (AAS) usage to incorporate the cumbersome 5G network configuration process.

Lead: Gyeongnam Technopark (IIC Member)
Participants: CTR (Automotive Parts Supplier), Nest Field (AAS Solution Provider), Formation Labs (MOS Solution Provider)
Primary contacts: Gyeongnam Technopark, Chang-seok Lee


Use Cases Addressed Benefits Industries
  • The utilization of a 5G private network on digital twin-based assembly production lines. This ensures reliable, real-time processing of large amounts of data.
  • Configuration of the 5G private network, utilizing AAS digital twins of 5G network devices and of production lines. This allows customization of the network in response to assembly line changes, such as the addition of new machines and robots.
  • Flexible and rapid process changes in updating assembly lines and adding new machines or robots.
  • Reduced need for additional staff to customize 5G private networks to suit changing production line conditions.
  • Manufacturing

Figure 1. Virtual Production Lines of AAS digital twin based CTR Changwon Factory (①)
Figure 1. Virtual production lines of AAS digital twin at the CTR Changwon factory.

Figure 4. CTR Changwon Factory Ball Joint Line with digital twins of 5G private network device and production line machines, AMR and vision controller
Figure 2. The CTR Changwon factory's ball joint assembly line, using digital twins of 5G private network device and production line machines, autonomous mobile robots (AMR), and a vision controller.