Marine Management Test Drive

Monetizing and streamlining the boating experience and owner ecosystem


The Marine Management Test Drive is helping AHOY to build out a next-generation, peer-to-peer network designed for the Ownership Economy as it applies to the marine industry. Built on top of the IoTeX blockchain, AHOY is developing a Web3 infrastructure complete with; an NFT Marketplace, a utility token, dApps, and IoT implementation. The objective is to decentralize the utilization, management, ownership, renting, docking, financing, along with the overall boating experience as it pertains to marine-based assets.

A goal of the Marine Management Test Drive is to implement a decentralized solution for boat-to-dock payment (IoTeX-machine Fi) with Smart Contract weather probability oracles (Chainlink/IBM’s based on the boat’s GPS location and captain’s log data.

This test drive will guide Ahoy in implementing Digital Twins, IoT, and Blockchain into the boating ecosystem. Relying on the Digital Twin Standards laid out by the IIC’s DTITT, these digital counterparts of the boating ecosystem’s physical assets (boats, dock-slips, mooring balls, etc.) are a required component as a place to store all pertinent info and relevant data about each asset for future application development and use cases. Use cases such as Machine-Fi, where you are the owner and beneficiary of your data, your privacy and your asset’s productivity. Marine asset owners such as boat owners and marinas can soon turn underutilized resources and stagnant occupancies into a reliable source of revenue.

Leads: Ahoy, LLC.; IoTeX
Participants:  Bassett Yacht & Boat


Use Cases Addressed Benefits Industries
Fleet Management Platform level security: devices Marine & Auto
Fleet Maintenance Deployment and manageability
at enterprise scale.
Ensure vessel services are being maintained
Hotel and Marina
Fleet Tracking Flexible deployment and
configuration options
Local Government (Fleets)
Fleet Security Blockchain-level Security Blockchain-level Security