Providing Testbeds in Pursuit of Better Healthcare for All

The Healthcare Task Group of IIC represent members from small and large technology vendors, innovators, vertical market leaders, researchers, universities and government organizations. We are technology enthusiasts, vendors, academics, providers, payers and life sciences participants across the healthcare system.

What We Seek to Do

We seek to promote testbeds that support technology enabled care and facilitate collaborative relationships between academia, industry and government. We believe such relationships will facilitate cutting edge research, promote uptake of new technologies, enable adoption of scalable, sustainable business models and facilitate innovative models of healthcare delivery that enable equitable access to better value healthcare for all.

We also focus on capturing and evaluating relevant architectures, promoting healthcare standards, authoring healthcare whitepapers and presentations as well as generally working to promote IoT in healthcare.

Why Do We Need Testbeds

The testbeds will either attend to a gap in the market or build on the existing integrated care programs within the existing continuum of care, seek to improve clinician efficiencies, promote consumer engagement and facilitate access to personalized care - anytime, anywhere.

  • They will promote adoption of experience-based co-design methodologies to design technology solutions that meet the unique wants and needs of clinicians and consumers across the healthcare system.
  • They will also facilitate 'learning healthcare systems' that use agile iterative implementation strategies that are informed by real time experience and healthcare utilization metrics. This will enable scalable and sustainable models of digital care that are informed by and responsive to wants and needs of the clinicians and consumers.