How Smart is Your Factory?

Digital transformation in manufacturing is hard work. It’s a combination of traditional manufacturing processes enhanced with new advancing technologies, working together to drive manufacturing forward and address inefficiencies.

Are you optimizing your supply chain? Are you predicting disruptions and downtime? Are you improving worker safety with environmental sensors, wearables and tracking tools? Can you monitor assets and test new functionalities using digital twins? Do you deploy digital video analytics to ensure high standards of product excellence?

Technologies like these are advancing the manufacturing industry forward. How much would it improve your digital transformation outcomes if you could access tools and know-how from one, vendor-neutral trusted resource? At the IIC, we understand that digital transformation is a multi-technology, multi-vendor process. IIC membership provides access to key resources, thought leaders and industry experts, tools for assessing cyber-security maturity and many additional resources that can help make your digital transformation process more innovative, scalable and agile.

Industry Leadership Councils

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Industry Leadership Councils