Edge Computing Task Group

Helping Technologists Obtain the Benefits of the Intelligent Edge

The Edge Computing Task Group is responsible for the creation, maintenance, and adoption of a technical report addressing the implementation of edge computing.

Edge computing is a decentralized computing infrastructure in which computing resources and application services can be distributed along the communication path from the data source to the cloud. That is, computational needs can be satisfied "at the edge," where the data is collected, or where the user performs certain actions.


  1. improved performance
  2. compliance, data privacy and data security concerns are satisfied and
  3. reduced operational cost.

Almost every use case and every connected device focused on by the IIC requires some sort of compute capability at its source, at the edge. But, as is typical with any powerful technology, innovative architectures and new terminology are needed to facilitate implementation, bringing increased complexity with it.

To help reduce this complexity, the Edge Computing Task Group focuses on producing technical publications with the functional and implementation viewpoints of the Industrial Internet Reference Architecture.