The Industry IoT Consortium's Security & Trust Working Group

Placing a High Priority on Trustworthy and Secure IIoT Platforms

The IIC's Security & Trust Working Group was created to develop a common security framework and a rigorous methodology to assess and develop trustworthy Industrial Internet Systems.

This is a direct reflection of the high priority placed by IIC members on collaboratively delivering trustworthy and secure IIoT platforms that support digital transformation, smart manufacturing, digital twins, secure communications, and supply chain assurance.

The Security & Trust Working Group takes a collaborative approach to developing technical frameworks, industry best practices, and practical guidance to help industrial companies accelerate their adoption of IIoT. The objectives of the Security & Trust Working Group are to:

  1. Promote the importance of developing and implementing trustworthy IIoT systems
  2. Develop technical IIoT security frameworks and best practices
  3. Accelerate the adoption of secure IIoT

Task Groups

Communications & Connectivity Security Best Practices Writers Group

The Communications & Connectivity Security Best Practices Writers Group focuses on writing and iterating the Communications & Connectivity Security Best Practices whitepaper.

SMM Writers Group

The SMM Writers Group is working on the IIC Security Maturity Model foundational document.

Security Framework Editors

The Security Framework Editors developed the Industrial Internet Security Framework (IISF) and is currently working on the errata version and version 2.0.

Testbed Security Task Group

The Testbed Security Task Group is responsible for applying the security best practices and processes defined within the Security & Trust Working Group documents to IIC testbeds.

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