Trustworthiness Task Group

Exploring the Five Aspects of Trustworthiness Relative to the IIoT

The IIC defines trustworthiness as the degree of confidence one has that the system performs as expected. Characteristics include safety, security, privacy, reliability and resilience in the face of environmental disturbances, human errors, system faults and attacks.

The Trustworthiness Task Group is chartered to explore these five aspects of trustworthiness relevant to IIoT and the IIC's vision of an IIoT ecosystem. Establishing confidence and being able to communicate that an IIoT system is trustworthy benefits many stakeholders.

Assuring trustworthiness benefits the organization and customers by enabling the organization to deliver value while managing risks in a systematic way. Specific additional value includes the safety benefits to employees and the community as well as privacy for individuals and the ability to explicitly communicate in a standardized manner about the grounds for claiming that an IIoT system, component, or capability is trustworthy.

The Task Group's roadmap includes ongoing development of a Trustworthiness Framework and Practitioner's Guide, among other deliverables.