IIC Foundational Documents Represent the Definitive Business & Technology Perspectives in the IIoT Industry

  • Industrial IoT Networking Framework - Provides guidance answering the fundamental question, How do I design, deploy, and operate a successful networking solution for my industrial IoT applications?
  • Industrial IoT Trustworthiness Framework Foundations - Designs and motivates trustworthiness, highlights the need to consider trustworthiness throughout the system lifecycle, and raises awareness of technologies, processes, and practices.
  • Industrial Internet Reference Architecture - Addresses the need for a common architecture framework to develop interoperable IIoT systems for diverse applications across a broad spectrum of industrial verticals.
  • Industrial Internet Vocabulary Technical Report - Specifies a common set of definitions for effective communication within the industrial internet ecosystem.
  • Industrial IoT Key System Concerns - Highlights key system concerns in Industrial IoT systems as special topics and provides additional analysis to assist architects, designers, and implementers to be fully cognizant of their importance.
  • Industrial IoT Analytics Framework- Guidance for or system architects, technology leaders and business leaders looking to successfully deploy industrial analytics systems.
  • Industrial Internet Connectivity Framework - Helps practitioners unlock data in isolated systems, enable data sharing and interoperability between previously closed components and subsystems (brownfield), and accelerate the development of new applications (greenfield) within and across industries.
  • Business Strategy and Innovation Framework - A high-level identification and analysis of issues that any enterprise will need to address to capitalize on the opportunities emerging from this current revolution that is the IIoT.
  • Industrial Internet Security Framework – Provides a common security framework and an approach to assess cybersecurity in Industrial Internet of Things systems.

Maturity Models