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Industry IoT Consortium Publishes Trustworthiness 2022 Edition of Journal of Innovation

IIC members provide additional insights on IoT trustworthiness

BOSTON, MA – JULY 27, 2022 – The Industry IoT Consortium® (IIC™) today published the newest edition of the Journal of Innovation (JoI) entitled, Trustworthiness 2022. This volume of the JoI provides additional insights about trustworthiness, and the role of Software Bill of Materials SBOMs, supply chain security, digital twins, and the new ISO/IEC 5055 standard can play in obtaining trustworthy IoT systems. We plan to use this information to create an IIC Trustworthiness Practitioner’s Guide that builds upon and extends the previously published IIC Trustworthiness Framework Foundations.

“Our first JoI Trustworthiness edition was published in September 2018 and introduced trustworthiness concepts, and for those unfamiliar with trustworthiness, please read our first edition’s introduction. We hope you find our latest Trustworthiness 2022 Edition informative and valuable,” said Frederick Hirsch, co-chair of the IIC Trustworthiness Task Group.

The Trustworthiness 2022 Edition of the JoI includes the following articles:

  • Trustworthiness in Industry IoT Systems: From Design to Operations – This is a sequel to the author’s original JoI article, “Trustworthiness in Industrial IoT System Design,” from September 2018, extending the usage of trustworthiness from the design to the actual operation of industry IoT systems.
  • Achieving Trustworthiness Through Risk Management, System Theory, and Resilience – Offers perspectives on how risk management, system theory, and resilience can help organizations avoid losses and hazards.
  • Measuring the Trustworthiness of Software with ISO/IEC 5055 – Describes how the IIC’s five trustworthiness characteristics relate to the software quality model in the ISO 25000 series of standards and how ISO 5055 provides measures that practitioners can use to assess software trustworthiness at the source-code level.
  • Leveraging a Tailorable Holistic Perspective of Supply Chain Risk to Deliver Trustworthy Systems – Explores the impact of trustworthiness assurance on supply chain operations. It also addresses the challenge of delivering trustworthy IoT systems with supply chain risks and offers a holistic approach to meeting the challenges.
  • Mind the Trust Gap! Strategies for Communicating Trustworthiness in Digital Twin Systems – Outlines an approach based on work from the IIC and Digital Twin Consortium to establish and communicate trustworthiness metrics that enable counter-parties to rely upon and thus act on trustworthiness data in complex and dynamic systems.
  • Using SBOMs to Secure Industrial IoT Devices – Describes how Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs) for devices differ from those for software and explains the primary challenges facing SBOMs for devices, plus offers solutions for addressing those challenges.
  • Accelerating Time-to-Market Using an Integrated High Assurance Software Stack – Presents a high assurance software stack’s detail, use cases, and performance. It highlights issues and challenges and proposes a cost-effective approach for accelerating the design and implementation of systems with a high assurance stack.

This Trustworthiness 2022 Edition of the JoI expands on the earlier 2018 IIC Trustworthiness JoI publication.

The JoI highlights the innovative ideas, approaches, products, and services emerging within the industrial internet. These include trustworthiness, AI, digital twin, data, digital transformation, smart cities, smart factories, and edge computing. You can view and download past and present JoI editions. To watch a Journal of Innovation webinar, click on the associated hyperlink, register, and watch on-demand.

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