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Industry IoT Consortium Launches Marine Management Test Drive

Enabling next-generation boating ecosystems

BOSTON, MA – SEPTEMBER 6, 2022 – The Industry IoT Consortium® (IIC®) announced the Marine Management Test Drive to build a next-generation, peer-to-peer network designed for the marine industry. The Marine Management Test Drive showcases the next generation of boating ecosystems, including boat-to-dock payment, maintenance scheduling, and asset management.

IIC members leading the test drive include Ahoy, LLC, a global infrastructure company, and IoTeX, which offers blockchain-based solutions to help humans and machines interact with guaranteed trust, free will, and privacy. Basset Yacht & Boat is also participating in the test drive.

Ahoy is building a solution to decentralize the utilization, management, ownership, renting, docking, financing, and user experience of marine-based assets. The solution is based on the IoTeX MachineFi solution and includes a Web3 infrastructure, an NFT marketplace, a utility token, dApps, and digital twin and IoT implementation.

“We’re helping to drive the management of marine assets into the IoT ownership economy – where users are the owner and beneficiary of their data, privacy, and money,” said Raullen Chai, CEO and Co-Founder, IoTeX. “Boat owners  can now monetize their marine and associated digital assets globally.”

“With the Marine Management Test Drive, we’re showing boaters and marina owners how, thanks to MachineFi Lab technology, they can turn underutilized resources, stagnant occupancies, and user data into reliable sources of revenue,” said John Paul Zable, CEO and Founder, Ahoy.

Test Drives are short-term, rapid-engagement pilots for technology end users to employ and adopt Industrial IoT technologies. They stimulate IoT adoption across the industry through accelerated implementation. The IIC’s neutral collaboration platform fosters partnering to address leading-edge IoT use cases in 3–6-month projects based upon technology end users’ real problems.

For more information about the Marine Management Test Drive, visit our website.

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