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Industry IoT Consortium Announces Gait Analysis Test Drive

Test drive helps improve the quality of life for the elderly

BOSTON, MA – OCTOBER 21, 2021 – The Industry IoT Consortium® (IIC™) announced the Inertial Gait Analysis (IGA) Test Drive to detect early-stage symptoms of geriatric diseases and to assist physicians in diagnosis. The immediate benefit is to prevent the elderly from sudden falls by detecting physical anomalies and setting up criteria for the early detection of disorders.

“Senior people and aging populations are especially at risk of negative consequences of physical disabilities and undiagnosed illness,” said Howard Kradjel, Vice President, Industry Programs, IIC. “These can lead to lower quality of life for affected individuals and higher demand on healthcare systems. Falling can exacerbate and accelerate problems. The Inertial Gait Analysis test drive brings together technology and know-how intent on helping to avoid falls and encourage early diagnosis to the benefit individuals and society.”

“Geriatric or senile diseases are challenging to detect and diagnose,” said Takao Futagami. IIC IGA Test Drive lead, and research fellow of Toyo Corporation and guest professor at Shinshu University. “Patients don’t always provide adequate descriptions of discomforts and sometimes attempt to hide the pain. Early detection with the IGA Test Drive can help prevent geriatric diseases.”

By using modern sensors to capture the walking gait of test subjects, IGA can detect abnormal signs linked to illnesses of the elderly and provide analysis to assist doctors. For more information about the Inertial Gait Analysis Test Drive and the members who contributed to it, click here.

IIC Test Drives are short-term, rapid-engagement pilots for technology users to employ and adopt IIoT technologies. The IIC Test Drive program fosters collaboration with partners to address leading-edge IIoT use cases in 3-6-month projects based upon technology end users’ real problems.

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