The Technology Showcase is an exciting new initiative for the Industry IoT Consortium.

Each of our Showcase contributions represents an evolving, real-world IoT use case.  They are conceived, developed, and deployed by visionary members of the IIC representing our Working Groups and Task Groups.  With this project, our goal is to offer technologists open access to emerging IoT tech and templates for proven, operationally efficient industry solutions.

The summary page for each Showcase includes the evolutionary phases shown in the diagram above and broken out below. Our library of exciting use cases is growing! Please bookmark this page for frequent updates.

  1. Vision: The goal, what we hope to achieve.
  2. Description: A detailed description, often in the form of use cases, of what will be built.
  3. Contribution: How this showcase contributes to society-at-large, business or the IoT ecosystem.
  4. Solution: How the showcase will be realized.
  5. Deployment: How the showcase was deployed, with examples.