Technology Working Group


The Technology Working Group focuses on the coordination of technical work necessary to build and enable the Industrial Internet's architecture, frameworks, standards and technologies. It does so by overseeing the collective work on focused deliverables of the following groups.


Wael William Diab, Huawei,@WaelWilliamDiab
K. Eric Harper, ABB
Shi-Wan Lin, Thingswise, LLC

The Architecture Task Group has authored a framework for expressing the reference architecture(s) of the Industrial Internet. The Industrial Internet Reference Architecture (IIRA) was published as a working technical report to be updated as its constructs are applied and enables the construction of open architecture on which to build ecosystems for innovative products. This Task Group also recently published a Key System Concerns white paper. Chair: Shi-Wan Lin, Thingswise

The Connectivity Task Group is responsible for connectivity aspects of the Industrial Internet Reference Architecture and has published the Industrial Internet Connectivity Framework (IICF) technical report. Co-chairs: Paul Didier, Cisco; Dr. Rajive Joshi, Real-Time Innovations, @RajiveJoshi

The Digital Twin Interoperability Task Group is responsible for comprehensibly defining digital twin characteristics with a specific focus on digital twin interoperability for industrial systems. Co-chairs: Shyam Nath, Oracle, @Shyamvaran; Pieter van Schalkwyk, XMPro, @exomin; Somayeh Malakuti, ABB

The Distributed Data Interoperability and Management (DDIM) Task Group works to define the properties of a data service framework for the Industrial Internet. Its purpose is to provide a ubiquitous data-sharing integration framework for all architecture elements defined by the Technology Working Group. Co-chairs: Takuki Kamiya, Fujitsu; Brett Murphy, Real-Time Innovations, @BrettRMurphy; Kym Watson, Fraunhofer IOSB

The Edge Computing Task Group identifies and evaluates standards, practices, deployment models and characteristics best suited for addressing the IIoT space from a holistic perspective and highlighting gaps where needed. This Task Group recently published an Introduction to Edge Computing in IIoT white paper and is now developing the Industrial Internet Edge Framework (IIEF). Co-chairs: Lalit Canaran, SAP; Todd Edmunds, Cisco, @ToddEdmunds; Mitch Tseng, Ph.D., Huawei

The Industrial Artificial Intelligence Task Group defines the properties of realizable, comprehensive analytical techniques and methods for deriving meaning from while adding value to Industrial Internet systems utilizing both data in motion and at rest. Co-chairs: Wael William Diab, Huawei, @WaelWilliamDiab; K. Eric Harper, ABB

The Industrial Distributed Ledger Task Group is responsible for the creation, maintenance and adoption of technical documents addressing industrial distributed ledger technologies. Co-chairs: Mike McBride, Huawei; Pieter van SchalkwykXMPro@exomin

The Innovation Task Group offers a stage for research communities and start-ups to present or demo innovations to our members, where potential connections and collaboration could accelerate the innovated technology and its benefits to members and the whole world. Co-chairs: David Nelson, Boeing; Mitch Tseng, Ph.D., Huawei

The IT/OT Task Group works towards describing the goals and challenges while developing the best practices related to technology deployed at the IT/OT boundary as industrial organizations embark on their digital journey. Co-Chairs: Shyam Nath, Oracle, @Shyamvaran; Bassam Zarkout, IGNPower, @bzarkout

The Networking Task Group Group is identifying and analyzing requirements, trends and technologies for various usage scenarios across industrial verticals for OSI layers 1, 2 and 3 in the context of IIoT. This Task Group recently published an Industrial Networking Enabling IIoT Communication white paper and is now developing the Industrial Internet Networking Framework (IINF). Co-chairs: Sari Germanos, B&R; Jan Höller, Ericsson; David Lou, Huawei

The Vocabulary Task Group recently published a new version of the Industrial Internet Vocabulary technical report which is a common and reusable vocabulary of terms as they apply to specific IIC outputs. This vocabulary will be used in all published IIC deliverables to ensure consistent terminology. Several translations of the technical report by member companies and liaisons are currently underway.  Co-chairs: Anish Karmarkar, Oracle, @AnishKarmarkar; Robert Martin, MITRE