March 2022 Edition: Role of AI in Industry

March 2022 Edition: Role of AI in Industry

The IIC's Journal of Innovation - the initiative of our Thought Leadership Task Group - highlights the innovative ideas, approaches, products and services emerging within the industrial internet.

We are excited to bring you this 19th edition of the Journal of Innovation: “The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Industry.” AI is a significant contributor to value creation in the fourth industrial revolution and estimated to provide a $14 trillion boost to the global economy by 2035. The goal of this edition is to illustrate the relevance of AI to Industrial IoT – from its applications to implementation challenges.

The release of this edition coincides with the recent release of the IIC Industrial IoT Artificial Intelligence Framework. The framework highlights the value proposition AI can enable in next-generation industrial IoT systems and addresses the emerging requirements and implementation challenges. We highly encourage you to take a close look at the framework.

We would like to thank the authors and editors of this content, and hope you find it a valuable resource as you consider the application of digital transformation techniques in your organization. As always, your comments are very welcome.

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