July 2022 Edition: Trustworthiness

Trustworthiness: July 2022 Edition

We are excited to bring you this 20th edition of the Journal of Innovation!

This is the second volume of the JOI devoted to the topic of Trustworthiness. The first, published in September of 2018, introduced the concept and need for trustworthiness, related trustworthiness to industry concerns, and provided some models related to trustworthiness.

We recommend reading the short introduction to Trustworthiness in that volume if you are not familiar with the concepts. We followed this in March 2020 with a white paper to specifically address software concerns, Software Trustworthiness Best Practices,  and then, the publication of the Trustworthiness Framework Foundations in July 2021 , bringing foundational trustworthiness concepts and models together in greater detail.

We hope this issue is informative and valuable to you and encourages you to join us on our work in the IIC on Trustworthiness. The Trustworthiness Task Group is chartered to explore aspects of trustworthiness relevant to industrial IIoT and the IIC's vision of an industrial IoT ecosystem. We would like to thank the authors and editors of this content, and hope you find it a valuable resource as you consider the application of trustworthiness techniques in your organization. As always, your comments are very welcome.

This edition includes the following:

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