Test Drives

Test Drives

Test Drives are short-term, rapid-engagement pilots for technology end users to employ and adopt Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies. They stimulate IIoT adoption across industry through accelerated implementation. The Industrial Internet Consortium's neutral collaboration platform fosters partnering to address leading-edge IIoT use cases in 3-6 month projects based upon technology end users' real problems.

This offering of our Accelerator Program will be launched in Q4 2019.

To consider a test drive pilot deployment, a technology end user may begin by either (a) selecting a test drive proposal from our test drive repository or (b) by choosing to engage in an ideation exercise to define and solve a problem not represented in the choices below.

  1. Test drive proposals will be available from this webpage in Q4 2019. Once available, visitors may review the choices to find a test drive that applies to their needs. Once selected, the test drive lead may be contacted directly. If you wish to be notified when the test drive repository is available for viewing, please contact [email protected].
  2. The alternate approach to test drive deployment involves an ideation exercise led by experts, followed by test drive proposal definition. An output of the exercise is a description of the requirements for a test drive. Once defined, the test drive requirements are considered by a collaborative team built from within our membership ecosystem who respond with a proposal. The ideation approach is under development. Technology end users interested in this approach are encouraged to contact [email protected] for more information and discussion.

Test Drive proposals will be added here beginning in October 2019.